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Do cognitive enhancers really work? According to clinical scientists Josh Reynolds and Dr. Robert Heller, M.D., who have contributed over 20 years of leading research on brain power, cognitive supplements are effective. With their knowledge and background, they have developed Procera AVH, an outstanding natural brain enhancer that does more that boost energy. Many brain enhancing supplements fill drug store shelves boasting memory improvement, mood altering and powerful mental performance but few have proven clinical trials, like Provera AVH, that deliver powerful results. Products and features available on their website include:

Procera AVH: What makes it different?

Procera AVH, the latter referring to ingredients acetyl-l-carnitine, vinpocetine and huperzine, stands out with clinical trials, potent ingredients and stellar research:

Natural Ingredients:

  • Huperzine--Botanical derived from Chinese club moss improving memory; delicate balance of circulation agents and neurotransmitters.
  • Acetyl-l-Carnitine--Compound boosting mental capacity quickly improving brain cells.
  • Vinpocetine--Dervied from periwinkle plant; improves oxygen to brain and circulation.

Clinically formulated with scientific evidence.

Strong research from the Brain Science Institute.

Healthcare Professionals including Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic praise Josh Reynolds for pioneering development of Provera AVH.

Procera AVH vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Procera AVH)

Other supplements for mental enhancement include Focus Factor, considered nourishment for the brain, and Native Remedies “MemoRise.” MemoRise is a supplement with a combination of herbs including ginkgo biloba. While MemoRise and Focus Factor support healthy brain functioning, Procera AVH provides more effective results than Focus Factor and MemoRise, but could possibly have more side effects.


  • Procera AVH--Basic information focusing on credentials and research.
  • Native Remedies MemoRise--Consumer friendly with blog, community involvement and an “ask the expert” page.
  • Focus Factor--Clear and to the point with easy to find ingredients, how to use and where to buy tabs.


  • Procera AVH--2-3 tablets throughout the day.
  • Focus Factor----Take 8 capsules, 4 at breakfast, 4 throughout the day.
  • Native Remedies MemoRise--2 capsules 2 times per day.

 Side Effects

  • Procera AVH--Take with food or else mild digestive issues can occur. Always refer to family medical doctor when taking supplements, especially if already taking medications.
  • Focus Factor--Possible issues from fish oil, like belching and gas. Other sensitivities can occur with other vitamins in product.
  • Native Remedies MemoRise--lacks side effects due to mild combination of herbs.

Like the packaging points out, Focus Factor is “nourishment for the brain.” Focus Factor ingredients are basically a multivitamin with plenty of A, E and B vitamins plus minerals. Focus Factor also provides Huperzine, like Procera AVH, along with fish oil components. Both Procera AVH and Focus Factor are patent-pending brain supplements. Focus Factor considers their company to be number one in brain nourishment. All 3 companies have high standard quality control and thoroughly test their products and ingredients to ensure safe quality supplements.

Procera AVH: Pricing & packages

Pricing is similar for all 3 companies

Products are available online and in drug stores. Discounts and coupons can be found online with Procera AVH, Focus Factor and Native Remedies MemoRise.

Shipping prices vary 

  • Procera AVH--Shipping free when purchasing more than 1 bottle.
  • Native Remedies MemoRise--Flat rate $5.95.
  • Focus Factor--Products found in drug stores but possible to purchase online with shipping discounts.
Procera AVH: Product images & screenshots
Procera AVH Coupons
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Procera AVH: Customer reviews & comments

Positive Feedback

Suzy S., Laguna Beach, Ca. comments-

"I was struggling big time. Procera AVH gave me back focus, clarity and energy".

 Jeff P., Aptos, Ca. states-

"I thought I was losing my mind. Stuttering and stammering trying to recall employees’ names. Thanks to Provera AVH, my memory is back."

 Negative Feedback reviewer claims-

"Please be aware...if you have high blood pressure, Procera AVH will take it higher."

Comments on brain enhancers are good and bad. There are many variables involved when taking supplements to support brain function. Diet, exercise and consuming other medications can alter results with brain function formulas. Always take supplements under the supervision of a Doctor's care. The FDA acknowledges safe nutritional supplements under the umbrella, Dietary Supplement Health and Education.

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Comments (4)

Good Job

Ranked #24 in

Interesting products review.

Cheryl this review gave me some much needed insight! Excellent Job! I actually ordered Procera last night and can't wait to see what happens?

Interesting article.You can use some supplements to improve concentration. I use focus factor and it did the job quite nicely. I found out about it from . You can try it and see if it helps.

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